ECHO Managing COVID-19 In Primary Care

Learn how to diagnose and manage your COVID-19 patients through interactive online medical education.
This 12 part series is open to all primary care providers in Ontario.

Sessions are Tuesdays from 2:00-3:00pm

ECHO is an interactive educational videoconference program, linking an interprofessional expert team with healthcare participants.



Each session includes:

  • Short didactic on diagnosis and management of COVID-19
  • Case based discussions on real de-identified cases

About the program:

  • Connects you to an inter-professional specialist team
  • Present your patient cases (de-identified) for recommendations and support
  • Videoconferencing (online)
  • No cost  (ECHO Ontario is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health)
  • Earn CPD credits for Cycle 2
  • Cycle 3: Submitted for accreditation

About the case presentations:

  • Do you have a challenging COVID-19 patient case?
  • You can present your case(s) at ECHO, for feedback and recommendations from the specialist team
  • All patient cases are anonymous. Please do not share any patient identifying information.

What you need to participate:

  • A computer with a stable internet connection, a webcam and microphone
  • Or an iOS/Android mobile device and phone connection for audio only

Please note that there are certain conditions which must be agreed to if you are selected to participate in this ECHO program. The statement of collaboration may be downloaded by clicking here.

Didactic Curriculum 

Cycle 2

Date Didactic Topic
10 Nov 2020 Classification of COVID-19 part 1
17 Nov 2020 Classification of COVID-19 part 2
24 Nov 2020 COVID-19 and Children
1 Dec 2020 Pharmacotherapy Alternatives for COVID-19
8 Dec 2020 Respiratory Health & COVID-19
15 Dec 2020 Exercise for Outpatient in the Community
12 Jan 2021 Mental Health Concerns During COVID-19 For All Patients 
19 Jan 2021 Management during Pregnancy
26 Jan 2021 Community Resources for Patients
2 Feb 2021 Post-ICU syndrome after COVID-19
9 Feb 2021 Participant Selected Topic
23 Feb 2021 Participant Selected Topic

(Cycle 2) This Group Learning program has been certified by the College of Family Physicians of Canada and the Ontario
Chapter for up to 12 Mainpro+ credits.

Cycle 3

Date Didactic Topic
13 Apr 2021 Classification of COVID-19 – Part 1
20 Apr 2021 Classification of COVID-19 – Part 2
27 Apr 2021

Pharmacotherapy Alternatives for COVID-19

4 May 2021 Vaccine Safety and Hesitancy
11 May 2021 Mental Health Concerns During COVID-19 for all patients
18 May 2021 Respiratory Health & COVID-19
1 June 2021 Management During Pregnancy
8 June 2021 COVID-19 and children
15 June 2021 Community Resources for Patients
22 June 2021 Post-ICU Syndrome after COVID-19
29 June 2021 Return to activity with prolonged symptoms
6 July 2021 Participant Selected Topics