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Project ECHO at UHN Registration

Thank you for your interest in Project ECHO at UHN.

This registration form is for ECHO Chronic Pain, Liver and Rheumatology programs.
*For ECHO Concussion, please return to the top menu and select Concussion.
*For ECHO COVID-19 registration, please return to top menu and select COVID-19.

We’d like to learn a little bit more about you, your interest in Project ECHO, and your practice. By completing this form, you consent for your information to be used to better inform and tailor our program to suit your needs.

Please allocate approximately 15 minutes to complete this form.

If you have any questions or troubles with our registration process, please contact us at

If you are an existing participant in one of our ECHOs (Rheumatology, Liver, Chronic Pain) please Click Here to use our short form. Otherwise, continue with this form.