Stay tuned for more evening sessions in 2021. 

What you need to participant:
– A computer with a stable internet connection, a webcam and microphone  OR
– An iOS/Android mobile device and phone connection for audio only.                 

What is ECHO?
ECHO is an interactive educational video conference workshop, linking an interprofessional expert “hub” team with healthcare participants.Sessions are broken into 2 parts.1. A didactic lecture presentation is given by the inter-professional expert team.
2. Patient case(s) provided by participants. These are real patient cases that you, as participants would like assistance with. Other participants and the expert team provide mentoring and support to the provider, so that the patient can get the care he/she needs.*All patient cases are anonymous. Please do not share any patient identifying information. If you wish to present a patient case or would like more information on presenting a patient case, please contact Gina Marinakos at  When you register to attend an evening session, an agenda will be sent to you the weekday prior to the session. The agenda will have the learning materials, a link to connect to the session and a link to the post-feedback survey.